Friday, May 30, 2008


We're going to the beach this weekend!!!!! We were gonna go to Newport, but since we don't have a big long driveway anymore, the parking there really sucks. So we're going to go to Santa Monica instead. I can't wait. I LOVE THE BEACH!!!!

Here's what we did last time we went to Santa Monica last August:

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


(and believe me, after the week I've had, I really need to keep the good things in mind)
1. I'm alive
2. my wonderful children
3. my amazing best friend
4. my loving family
5. the benefits I get with my job
6. I own my own house
7. my awesome car
8. I'll be going to the beach soon
9. I actually slept fairly well last night
10. wonderful friends
11. my camera
12. God has made me really good at what I do
13. it's summer!!

"The Worst River Trip Ever"

It all started Thursday night. We had a MAJOR storm. We even had some tornadoes. IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA!!!
This is what happened to the pool at the clubhouse. It's out of commission until at least next week.
We decided to leave for the river early Sat morning. I was driving and trying to teach KT how to use my camera at the same time. I just can't seem to pass the windmills without taking pictures. I just love, love, love them. Seeing them makes me happy.


The sun rose while we were on our way.


It was cold and rainy and just plain ugly when we got there. The kids were bored. I finally let them start playing with the water balloons. Here's KT filling them up.


Here's Adam nailing Karlie.

This is Donna and Stacy. I think the sun was actually out at this time.


Donna shows how she cuts an avocado for the carne asada.


T bbq's the sausages.****************************************************

Donna and Stacy bbq the carne asada.*****************************************


KT and I having fun with the camera.


It was so nasty outside the water was empty.


So, between the rotten weather and loud drunken people, we weren't having any fun at all and packed up and came home on Sunday. Everyone is billing it as "The Worst River Trip Ever."

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Remember this little guy from a few weekends ago? Well, we put him and his friend in a jar. Within 2 days they were all cocooned up.

This is what we found when we opened the jar last night:

There was only one butterfly. Both cocoons were opened, but we have no idea what became of whatever was in the other one. This guy here flew away to be free.


13 Things I Need To Do Before We Leave

1. make margaritas

2. make spinach artichoke dip

3. make marinade for shrimp

4. go to bank

5. go to kmart

6. go to grocery store

7. do at least a load of laundry

8. wash car

9. get gas

10. clean off chairs

11. pack car

12. pack truck

13. LEAVE!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Just a few of my favorites:

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Just waiting for the river!!

Haven't been doing much. Last weekend the kids went with Aunt Patti to the Strawberry Festival in Oxnard to see Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. All T and I did was shop for the river. Oh, and we went to the races in Perris. And, like an idiot, I forgot to take my camera. In fact, I didn't pick my camera up all weekend. I must be sick or something.

We leave for the river Friday afternoon or Saturday morning. We are all soooo excited!! We live for this weekend all year long.

Since this IS a photo blog I will post one of my favorite photos of all time:

Katy a few years ago on crazy hair day.

Monday, May 12, 2008


This is what we did this weekend:

J and AC bringing them down:
(in speed shot)



We found 2 bird's nests in the yuccas. I'm glad the streamers that we never cleaned up from New Year's came in handy:
KT and I found this little guy while we were weeding:


Then T bbq'd steaks:

Then yesterday for Mother's Day the kids and T took me for breakfast at Little Green Onions. Then we did our grocery shopping. And the BEST thing was the kids not only unloaded the car (which they always do) but they also put the groceries away......without me telling/asking them!!!!! In fact, AC totally blew me away this weekend by how much he helped without being told, with everything. KT rocked it pretty good, too!


Monday, May 5, 2008

Our Weekend

We didn't do a heck of a lot this weekend, mainly shop...Winco, Superwalmart. I did spend about an hour in my yard Friday night. Here's some of my favorites:
My absolute favorite of the weekend:


The sunset on Friday night: