Thursday, May 1, 2008

I'M FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All of my Jamaica pictures are finally up on my photobucket account.
Here's a link, click on it:

I couldnt' title all of them, so whenever there's NOT a title, just refer back to the last picture that has a title. You can click on a picture and make it bigger and then use the NEXT button on the right to go to the next picture.


Jaded said...

what? no picture of your best friend mr. jellyfish? or of the big red sting? no fun man!
you took very nice pictures mommy, i stole some to use as wallpaper.
boo you!

Di said...

Jade, I didn't see the jellyfish, he was hiding in the seaweed bed. AND you know very well I couldn't take a picture of the sting because of the unfortunate place it was at!

Nicole said...

Beautiful pictures! You are very lucky!