Monday, April 20, 2009

The last few weeks....

Yes, I've been quite busy at work again the last few weeks.
The day before Easter, the kids were at their aunt's house so I took a little day trip. Guess where?
I'll give you a little hint:
I went to Laguna beach. I've never been to this beach before and it was gorgeous:
This is bird rock. Those are mainly pelicans:
There were a few tide pools, too, and lots of rocks.
Here's a sea anemone:
There were also alot of beautiful flowers:

This one is when I decided I needed to stop trying to take pictures of the waves crashing. I almost crashed with this one.

My favorite, it looks almost like a postcard:
These are mainly for my mom. Mom you were asking about some of these places.
The Rusty Pelican on PCH:

The bay from the bridge:

That building where the street splits:
Woody's Wharf:
The Crab Cooker:
The church:
The library in Balboa:
And this is my prize for the day,
a Wentletrap, my favorite shell in the whole world:
Easter Sunday, I went to the sunrise service:
Have you ever seen a grasshopper lay an egg sack?
We got to on Friday evening. It was the freakiest thing I've ever seen!

This past weekend, our city had the privilege of hosting the AVP Pro Beach Volleyball tour. KT volunteered to shag balls. It was so much fun!! Sunday there was no work for her to do so her and I just watched the matches:
KT and her fellow shaggers getting instructions from the official:

These guys in blue were the champs. Todd Rogers and Phil Dalhausser.
The were unbelievably awesome!

AC also started up with hockey again last week. He's hoping to be able to help out with coaching the little kids on Saturdays. KT is completely into volleball now, more than she was.
So, yeah, we've been a little busy!!!


Jen said...

I always enjoy your photos! The beach looks lovely, I am glad ya had a good time :)

and yes I have never seen them lay an egg either!!!

Jaded said...

i am so proud of my little sister! shes so awesome!!! and im stealing your flower pictures!!

CrossView said...

Wow! You have been busy and it looks like such fun!

And I'm so jealous! You got to run away to the beach by yourself??!! Awesome!

I love to watch volleyball on the beach....

Great photos!

Don't stay away so long! I missed you.... ;o)

Jenny said...

Wow!! It looks like you've been busy and having a lot of fun.

Love, love, love the pics. Care to take me with you to the beach next time? lol.

Alice Audrey said...

It's been decades since I went to Laguna Beech. Only went once, but it left an impression.

I love the shot of the shell. What's it sitting on?

Di said...

Crossview...actually, the volleyball wasn't on the beach, they trucked a bunch of sand into downtown!

aliceaudrey...the shell is sitting on a piece of foam from a box that necklace came in.

BeckeyZ said...

capturing nature at it's best...the egg sack laying. Wow - that is the sign of a good photographer, knowing when to grab the camera and shoot.

Very cool photos - now I want to go to the beach.

Anonymous said...

thank you jadey . McYummy !!!!!!!!!!

<3 katy