Saturday, July 4, 2009


KT and her friend and I went to Bolsa Chica State Beach today with my church's Surf Fellowship. It was wonderful! It was super windy and actually cold! It was awesome to have church on the beach, though and we will be going back every time they do it.

Tonight, we went over to my old boss's house to watch the fireworks from Mt Rubidoux.

We are both super sunburned and really tired. AC went to the mountains with a friend overnight.

Oh yeah. I went back to the dr on Thurs because my ankle was not getting better, but worse. Turns out I didn't just sprain it, I tore a ligament, also. Sooooo, I'm in a hard splint 1/2 cast and on crutches at least till Tues. I HATE crutches!!!!

(this is one of my favorite shows)
Yesterday, I got to meet up with one of my old high school friends, Mad, who I haven't see in about 25 years. It was soooooo wonderful!!!!!

The last hollyhock:

I got good news in the mail yesterday!!! I qualify for a waiver of all my fees for college AND a federal grant. How cool is that? They're going to pay me to go back to school!!


CrossView said...

You're going back to school??!! Awesome!

Sounds like you and Mad had a great time!

Glad you found out about the ligament... Things seem to heal better when you're actually being treated for the right thing. LOL!

Love the photos. I miss the beach...

BeckeyZ said...

Beautiful pics Di!

Looks like you had a good holiday.

Jen said...

Beautiful pictures!
That is awesome about school!!!!
so what are you going for?

Nicole said...

Church on the beach... I wish! That sound so cool!

Neat firework pictures :o) The fireworks here SUCKED :P Every one that lives here said they were amazing, but man... I've never seen such lame fireworks before lol.

Your poor ankle. Remember to take it easy and let your kids help ;o)

WOW!!! 25 years?! That must have been such a fun reunion with your friend!

Praise God for that! What are you going to be taking?