Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Our November

We had a busy November.
KT's team got 2nd place in the volleyball tournament:
We all worked very hard at the Peppermint Ridge Lovewalk (especially AC):

I can't wait to be on the committe again next year. It was something that was so foreign to me to be involved in but I loved it!
On Thanksgiving we went to the movies and then to Dave and Buster's:

It took me

all of these


to get


normal one:
(I swear they're worse than 4 yr olds!)
I got the high score of the day in virtual bowling:

The day after Thanksgiving, we put up our Christmas decorations.
These are my favorites:
My Nutcracker musical snowglobe:
These two from my childhood:
And my Nutcracker collection:
Saturday, KT and I got beautiful:

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CrossView said...

Congrats to KT! 2nd place - Woo Hoo! I used to love volleyball. Now I would just hurt myself. =/

And congrats to AC for hard work! Women love that in a man! LOL!

I'm laughing at the not so normal pics. I have lots of those. They always make me smile! The normal one is nice but I'm partial to the looney ones. ;o)

You and KT look gorgeous!