Friday, July 16, 2010


I bought a swamp cooler a few nights ago because the wall air conditioner died at the end of last summer. It will be installed on Saturday. In the meantime, I get home from work yesterday and it was 108 IN THE HOUSE! And then, I noticed that the heater was ON! I panicked and called Terry and called the guy in the office. He couldn't figure it out. The switch on the thermostat said it was off. So Terry and I are out back looking at the heater and there is a toggle switch when you take off the cover of the heater. I said, "what does that switch do?" He flipped it and the heater shut off. So I will get that checked out on Saturday also.
Thank God that the clouds started rolling in (although a thunder and lightening storm was definitely NOT what I needed). It cooled down to around 90 outside and about 95 inside by the time I finally fell asleep at 9. Lesson learned: don't panic, I'm the one that found the switch. If I had stayed calm I would have seen it sooner and not have to call anyone.
In other news, Katy is camping with a friend and her family down near San Diego until Sunday.
Austin is busy with church and hanging out with his friends. I'm trying to pin him down for a date tomorrow night to watch Blazing Saddles (his first time). I even bribed him with mini-meatball sandwiches. He hasn't decided if he wants to do that or hang out with his "amazing friends". (I told him I'm amazing, too).

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