Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I was tagged by Jenny at DailyDose of Motherhood ( http://dailydoseofmotherhood.blogspot.com/ ) (sorry I don't know how else to do links).

Hmmmmm, 7 random things about myself......

1. Like, Jenny, I am really, really shy. It's gotten alot better as I get older but new people can almost always bring on panic.
2. I can't seem to sleep past 6am EVER! No matter how late I was up the night before, I will wake before 6am.
3. I want to go back to school and be an addiction counselor.
4. I'm pretty short. 5'1" to be exact. All 3 of my kids are now taller than me (and getting more so by the day I think).
5. I have a thing for lists and calendars and menus and such. Even if I don't follow them exactly, I like having things written down.
6. I'm in the middle of planning my Thanksgiving menu. I think I'll keep it simple this year. Last year I went a little fancy with the side dishes and it didn't go over too well.
7. I recently collected all of the McDonald's Happy Meal Madame Alexander Wizard of Oz dolls. Even going so far as buying the only one I missed on Ebay. I love them!!!
Consider yourself tagged if you read this!!!!


Jenny @ Daily Dose of Motherhood said...

Yay, thanks for playing along! We have a lot in common, my friend!

I'm short too, just 5'2" and I LOVE lists, calendars and menus! I'm not hosting Thanksgiving, but I am planning our Christmas menu already! I tried the fancy side dishes one year and had the same reaction as you. Too bad cause they sure were tasty! I guess it takes people a while to accept change, huh? I also LOVE the Wizard of Oz dolls! Our dog got to one of them, so I might have to pick him up on ebay too. Great idea.

Again, thanks for playing along! It was really fun to learn more about you =)

Nicole said...

That is very cool that you want to be an addiction counsellor Diane. I think that would be a great job for you!

Do you think you would feel shy if you got to meet me in person?

6am is too early! Do you always look at your clock/watch when you wake up? If I was waking up that early everyday I would refuse to look at my watch and try to go back to sleep :P

You're not that short. 5'1" is pretty common actually.

Cool about the wizard of oz dolls! I have no clue what they look like. Maybe you could post pictures?

Jen said...

my mom is 5'1 too! I am 5'3 so I am not so tall either...lol

Alice Audrey said...

I'm the other way around on sleep. If I get up before 6am, I'm worthless all day long. I get really ditzy, even if I've had 10 hours of sleep.

CrossView said...

Short people ROCK! LOL! I'm 5'3". My 19-yr old is 4'11".

I wish I would have known about the dolls. I threw a couple of them out... =/

I do better writing stuff down. Even if I don't follow it, it helps me remember and stay somewhat on track.

I wake up early, too. I miss those days when I slept late... =P