Monday, December 8, 2008


I had a wonderful week off!!! I got the house ALL cleaned up and put the Christmas decorations up. Haven't got the tree yet, or the lights up either. I'll do that this coming weekend.
Got some shopping done, too. I'm actually almost done. I'll finish that up this weekend, too!
We went to tacos on Thursday night which was nice. We hadn't all gone together in a few weeks.
Friday night was game night and the kids and I played Uno. I won, of course.
The big thing this past week was KT's volleyball tournament. Her team got 2nd place out of the 6 Jr High schools participating. They only lost one match! And can I just say...KT is the MOST AWESOME volleyball player. She's a natural. And I'm not just saying that because she is mine. She really is THAT good!!!!
Here's some pics:
Her wicked serve:
Going to the floor:
Popping one over the net:

Here are my Project 365 pics for the week:
#148; 12/2/2008
My dad made this nativity years and years ago:
#149; 12/3/2008
KT's report card!!!!!!!! (the NM is in silent reading, they don't get a grade in that class)
150; 12/4/2008
Some of my Christmas decorations
151; 12/5/2008
These are decorations that have somehow survived since I was little. They are my favorites.
152; 12/6/2008
153; 12/7/2008
More decorations


CrossView said...

You were very productive!
I wasn't.
But maybe I will be soon??!!

Congratulations to KT! I played on a volleyball team in junior high and loved it!

Beautiful nativity!
Beautiful report card! LOL!
Beautiful ornaments!
Beautiful trophy!!!!!!!!

Jenny @ Daily Dose of Motherhood said...

Congratulations to KT! I can't imagine how great it must be for you to watch her play. I love watching kids doing what they love to do.

I love your Christmas decorations! The angels are adorable and the Santas from childhood are wonderful!

I hope you have a great week!