Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I figure I'd better do this before my mommy gets mad at me.
The big news last week was, of course, KT's bday.
We celebrated at home with just us 4 on Friday.
Here's her choice for dinner:
Butter chicken nuggets and cheesy hashbrowns:
Here's her cake:

After dinner and cake, the kids and I played one of the games they
got for Christmas:
We had alot of fun. I won. But in their defense, it was a pretty adult game.
Saturday morning, I woke up to this:
I grabbed the camera and got in the car.
Here's what I found on the street right outside our park:

Saturday afternoon, we took KT and 3 of her friends to John's Incredible Pizza.
Everyone had a blast!
The cousins and our friend Stacy showed up, too.

Right before we left, AC hit the jackpot on one of the games and won around 600 tickets.

#188, 1/12/2009
#189; 1/13/2009...A sign I got from Pruda.

#190; 1/13/2009....yes, my boy is a Star Wars geek
#191; 1/15/2009-----KT blowing out the candle on her sundae at Taco Nite

#192; 1/16/2009
#193; 1/17/2009.... KT talking trash to T while he tries to bowl

#194; 1/18/2009....the streak of light in the middle is a blimp
#195; 1/19/2009

#196; 1/20/2009....Frozen Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls
recipe forthcoming on my recipe blog tomorrow


Nicole said...

That poor car. I wonder what happened...

600 tickets?! That's pretty darn cool!

KT's cake looked so good! Looks like you guys had fun :o)

CrossView said...

I love KT's taste in food! Yum!

Looks like a fun birthday...

Why is it fires seem to start around you regularly??!! =P

Christine said...

I have that same Mickey puzzle. I have most of it done, just gotta do the blue. I've lost my puzzle oomph, so it's sitting under a chair in the living room while I crochet in my spare time. Nobody else in the family seems interested in helping me right now.

Jen said...

Looks like a wonderful birthday :) that cake looks good :p
Kool puzzle, I clicked on picture and seen that their was smaller disney pictures through out!

BeckeyZ said...

What are those things in pic #195? Planters of some sort? Chia heads? I'm curious now.

Jenny said...

That is quite a pizza place! I always enjoy your photos and your week always seems to be filled with plenty of blessings and smiles!

Alice Audrey said...

OMG on the car! That's a restaurant? Happy B-day to KT.