Wednesday, January 28, 2009


#198; 1/22/09..the fog on the local hills

#199; 1/23/2009....Where T paid up on the football season bet I won. It was WONDERFUL!! It was the best seafood I have had. It's connected to Bass Pro Shops.
#200; 1/24/2009

#201; 1/25/2009....Crestlawn Hill (I drove around Sunday after church to take pictures of The Hills of Riverside. I guess there are a bunch of them and they all have names. It just struck me as interesting.
#202; 1/26/ boy being strange while I'm trying to take a picture of a crescent roll that looked like a butt.


CrossView said...

I'm all about seafood. And I love Bass Pro Shops. I wish I could go!

The fog is pretty and eerie...

The hills are alive... Oops! Sorry! The hills are beautiful!

Your kid must be like mine. They amuse me.

Nicole said...

Fog is so cool looking. I just hate driving through it.

We're getting a Bass Pro shop here. I think it will be the first in Canada!

Those hills are beautiful!

Haha your boy is a butt ;o) Can I say that?

Jen said...

The hills are pretty :) They remind me of some not to far from where I live :)

It has been really foggy here so foggy it would look like I was taking a picture of nothing, the visiablity was horrible the other day lol

your boy is amusing

Alice Audrey said...

Love the nose *grin* Looks just like my son.