Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I know, I'm really late. It's been busy here at work. Which is a very good thing! Not much happened last week. Just the usual. I did spend hours and hours in the yard weeding on Saturday. (And no, Crossview, I'm sorry, I won't come weed your yard). KT took this pic of me. Ignore all the gray in the hair, it will be gone by Saturday!!!

#230; 2/23/2009--playing at dinner time
#231; 2/24/2009---free pancakes!!!!!
IHOP had a special deal last Tuesday....a free shortstack with a suggested $1 donation to Children's Miracle Network. Of course we took them up on it.
#232; 2/25/2009--Brutus getting some loving
#233; 2/26/2009--poor Brutus after our walk
#234; 2/27/2009--beautiful day!!!
#235; 2/28/2009--weeds, weeds everywhere!!
#236; 3/1/2009---must be testing at the air reserve base again


Christine said...

Grey is a sign of wisdom and experience. Don't cover it up ... flaunt it. ;)

Jen said...

Hehe your wisdom is showing :)
I love the pictures of the sky they are always great.
You know for some reason I thought Brutus had longer legs

CrossView said...

Let me know if you change your mind! ;o)

Your brave - I gave up and mine is all white. I'm totally surrendered!

Poor Brutus! You really wore him out!

Jenny said...

Very cool pictures! I'm with everyone else, I think you should keep your hair the way it is!

Alice Audrey said...

If you hadn't said anything about the gray, I wouldn't have noticed. Really.