Thursday, September 10, 2009

So many things.....

It's been soooooo long. First of all, my mom is in the hospital. She had about 8" of her intestines cut out. Please pray for her. She's doing better, but not great.
I've been so busy with school and church and work. The picture above is from my alma mater. I went to an all-class reunion a few weeks ago. It was amazing to see people who graduated in the 40's, 50's and 60's there!

We went to the Harvest Crusade both the Friday night to see Third Day and the Saturday night to see Reliant K and Skillet.
My fellow class of 81 friends got together for dinner:

Last Friday was my 46th birthday.
Guess where we went?

The Happiest Place on Earth of course!!! We had a blast!!
Every other Saturday this summer, we've joined our church's Surf Fellowship at local beaches. We just hang out, have church on the beach with worship and a message and then bbq lunch. It's pretty awesome to have the guy leading the worship do it soaking wet in a wet suit.


AC's Baptism. Go to the 1:11 mark. It's him in the water with the high school pastor and then him talking to the cameraman.


Christine said...

I'm officially jealous of you. Skillet, Reliant K, and Third Day???? Those are my absolute most favorite bands!!!!!

CrossView said...

I will definitely keep your mom in my prayers! It's scary when our own moms undergo any medical issues.... =/

Third Day? I love, love, LOVE them! Much envy here! =D

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Your younger than I am.... ;o)

GO AC! That was awesome! I know you must be proud.... He's such a young "man". Definitely not a kid.

Nicole said...

That's awesome about AC! How exciting! I can't believe how much older he looks now than when I first met you!