Saturday, September 26, 2009


For some reason, my laptop won't let me type above the first picture so I'll just start right here. The above little guy kept me company the other day when I was doing yard work.
We've been busy. School, church, recovery meetings. On Wednesday my English prof pulled me outside and said it was obvious I didn't need to be there for the lectures on sentence structure and grammar so if I wanted to, I could skip Mondays and only come in on Wednesday for the writing part of the class and he would still give me full credit!!!!! Of course I took him up on it!!! I also finished my Intro to College course. It was only a 6 week course. And I aced my first Sociology mid-term. I started the Women's bible study at Harvest and next Friday I start one of the small home group bible studies.
The kids both had the flu super bad this past week. Thank God I never did get it. It is a really nasty one, too. Fevers of over 103 for at least 3 days. Just terrible. But everyone is fine now.
Some randomness:
My children thought I was insane for taking a picture of my leaky faucet outside. I think it's kinda cool.

Today was Jade's big breast cancer walkathon in Corona (well, it's not in Corona, more like El Cerrito).
The place it was at was gorgeous.
Here's the walkway...

There was a small lake there, too.

I didn't walk due to the ligament in my leg, but KT walked with Jade.

Best tshirt of the day...

My baby made a small speech about what the Foundation did for her. She was awesome!!!!!
I am soooooo proud of her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is when the breast cancer survivors release their balloons.
Gets me every single time.

KT, Jade, her sister Nicole, and Nicole's mom, Debbie..a survivor

Why I do it.

This is Jade's nephew Logan. He liked my camera.



CrossView said...

The praying mantis is cool! I love those guys....

Congrats on the school stuff! Glad you get that free day off, too. What a relief that must be.

Glad everyone is feeling better. I hate when my kids are sick. And with all the media coverage of flu stuff, that would just add to my stress.

I'm with ya on the faucet. That's a cool shot!

Any of the cancer gatherings make me cry. Every time.

And Logan is a cutie...

Dawn said...

Love the pics. I wish a college professor would have told me I didn't have to attend class...very cool! Glad to see you blogging again. I have missed ya! :-)

Jessica Morris said...

great pictures!!
the balloons choked me up a bit too!