Monday, June 9, 2008

Our Weekend

We had a really really nice weekend! It started very early Sat morning. We helped our friends set up for a yard sale they were having. She gave me this:

It's about 4-5 inches long. Any idea what it is??
Then we went to see the new Indiana Jones movie. It was ok. Not as good as I had hoped it would be.
That evening, while AC and R played Guitar Hero:

Josh was bbq'ing this big hunk of sirloin:


And I was bbq'ing these potato skewers and shrimp skewers:*****************************************

Then we ate and watched the UFC fights:



Sunday, we went to JD's RenFaire.

Here's her booth:


We met this beautiful horse:


AC & T did the knife throwing:


JD and KT got their hair braided:


JD did henna tattoos on KT:And me:

T wanted to surprise AC with dinner for his bday. As we were driving, we passed a sign for Hooters and got off at that exit. AC guessed that we were going to Hooters. T told him "Of course, we're going to Hooters. What more could a 14-year old boy want for his bday." We had them totally believing that's where we were going. Luckily, Hooters was right next door to where we were really going, John's Incredible Pizza Co. I went so far as to pretend to look for a parking spot at Hooter's and at the last minute turned and went next door. They were soooooo excited!!! They've been bugging for months to go to this pizza place and it was GREAT!! It's an all-you-can-eat pizza, pasta, salad, desert buffet. It cost less than $40 for the 4 of us. T also bought them a $25 fun card to split. It kept them busy for over an hour playing the games and riding the rides. They even had these little bowling lanes that we all did. We had a blast!
(Ooops, I can't straighten this one out. Just tilt your head)


Jessica Morris said...

I haven't a clue what that thing is you got at the yard sale, but it looks super cool!!

Thanks for the Jamaican recipe site!! I'll check out the patties and see if it sounds like something we'd eat :)
I don't think we had the patties there ... I use to buy them in Canada, I don't know that it's even a product of Jamaica!! Haha. But they are yummy.
They sell them at the commissary down here but they are super, super expensive!

Jaded said...

damn i'm good! look at those awesome tattoos. i rock!

CrossView said...

No clue. I can't figure out what "whiskey" and "stove" have to do with each other??!! LOL!

The food looks great! Ok, so I love to eat when I don't have to cook... =P

Looks like a fabulous weekend! And the Hooter's part? Hilarious!

CrossView said...

Just saw the comment by "jaded". ROFL! You did an amazing job!

And how long do the henna tat's last? We were actually discussing that at dinner night before last....

Meg said...

What a fun looking weekend. The braids turned out beautiful on both girls. I've never seen a braiding booth when I go to the faires. HRMPH! The henna tattoos are gorgeous too.

I LOVE the trick you played on AC!


Di said...

I think it's a stove key. The stove part is because it was an ad for a stove co. The whisky is, I think, because of prohibition? But I thought prohibition was later than 1901. I'm not sure. I'm kinda waiting for my dad to answer, he'll know.

Yes, Jade!!!! You ROCK!!! My tattoo is still there and getting darker.

Meg...I wish I had the time to get my hair braided!

Jaded said...

they last 7-10 days depending on where you get them and how you take care of them.
theres a wonderful braiding booth at the faire i'm at in corona. if you're close you should come this weekend, its the last weekend

CrossView said...

Thank you! =D

Debbie Haughland Chan said...

Your strange looking gift is probably the tool used to lift off the round lids of a wood-burning cook stove.

My boys love Guitar Hero!