Wednesday, June 25, 2008


The big news is: hockey is out, FOOTBALL IS IN!! AC is on the freshman football team at North High!! He is very excited and seems very committed to it. He can go back to hockey in the off season. Right now, he has practice every day, Mon-Thurs, for 3 hours. Practically all summer. In the heat. Ugh!!! But he's sticking to it. I am extremely proud of him!!
This was 6:00 on Saturday morning:
This was 6:30 Saturday morning!!

While I was out watering my thirsty plants (at 6:30 in the morning!!!), I found this mutant Siamese Gerbera daisy. This isn't Photoshopped, this is real. Freaky, huh?

We went to visit the boat. Here's her motor. Hopefully it won't be long now.


10:30 A.M. (it ended up reaching 115 but I forgot to take another picture)


In that kind of heat, what else were we going to do:



Nicole said...

Cool mutant flower!

Where is the pool at? Yep, if it was hot like that here all the time I would need a pool too!

Di said...

I live in a mobile home park. The pool is a few houses away at the clubhouse.

Sunday, it was too hot to even go to the pool. We stayed inside in the air conditioning all day.

Meg said...

HA! You're roasting your rear off and it's chilly here! I love the pictures as always! Love ya!

Nicole said...

Oh cool! Must be awesome having a pool so close!

CrossView said...

Love the flower!

Congrats to AC!

That sunrise is gorgeous!

Jen said...

mutant Siamese Gerbera daisy (Awesome!)
Your family looks so happy and yall always seem to have a good time ^_^