Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Prayer please

While the 6th graders at KT's school, including her, were taking a walking field trip to their new jr high, a car hit a train and a lady was killed. All of the kids were on the other side of the tracks from the car, but saw it underneath and heard it. They saw the car when they moved the train away. KT's teacher was the one who called 911. Please pray for this woman's family.

KT is alright. They walked the kids all back to school and put them on a bus to go to the jr high. When they returned they met with the principle and they had psychologists available to any student who wanted. KT says she's fine, she was a little more tired and pissy than usual last night, but she seems ok.


Anonymous said...

They do the P-shrink thing with my kids too when anything happens.

I'm sorry for the lady and her family. What was she thinking?

BTW, KT looks very grown up. She has an old-soul face, like someone who knows what's what.

Di said...

Thank you, aliceaudrey. I really have no idea what she was thinking. The news says she was going 50mph which means she blew the stop sign, too. She must have been on the phone or doing something.

I've never thought of KT that way but I think you hit the nail on the head!!

Jaded said...

thats exactly kt. she did hit it right on

CrossView said...

I am so sorry! Those kids will remember that for the rest of their lives!

Hope your KT will be ok. =/

Anonymous said...

Hey, what can I say. :) *shrug*

As to them remembering it for the rest of their lives, if they are lucky they will take in the lesson that you can't just go bombing around in a car. You have to actually pay attention to things like stop signs and trains. Much better than if she'd been sitting there, waiting for it.

Nicole said...

Oh man... I wonder what happened. If she just wasn't paying attention or what. I have seen too many people talking on cell phones while eating so you never know.

I hope KT will be okay and that her classmates will be fine too. That would be really upsetting to witness :o(