Monday, July 7, 2008

OUR WEEKEND!!! (it's gonna be a long one)

6am, Friday July 4th
8pm, Friday July 4th


In between the sunrise and the sunset, we just did a bunch of shopping and preparing of food for Sat night.


Then the fireworks started:

We didn't make it to the lake because our friend was in an accident that morning. She's fine so we just decided to have everyone come to our house instead, since they'd all be there to watch the fight that night. Most of the day was spent at the pool.
Austin getting some air:



T & KT:


The shrimp:


I didn't get a picture of any of the other food. I will post the recipe for the Oreo Fudge Ice Cream cake later this week. It was a hit!!


KT & Jade


Needs no words:


T & Jade


Me hitting Jade because she was being a snot when I was trying to get our picture taken


Trying to get a good picture when everyone is messing around:


Finally got a good one:



Watching the fight:



Nicole said...

Your sun sets very early. It doesn't start getting dark until 10:30 here. And it isn't black out until after 11.

I love all of your hair! (You, KT and Jade). LOL who is making the funny face on the watching the fight photo? That picture is pricless lol!

Looks like an awesome weekend Diane!

Jaded said...

Thanks nicole i have to work really hard for my hair. Thats our friend paul making the face. i think its totally hilarious.

Jen said...

I love the picture of sunrise and sunset awesome! and nice firework pictures... and I agree with Nicole you all have lovely hair.

Meg said...

I love all the pictures as usual but most of all, I love the one of you and the kids. So adorable. Jade looks so much like you! LOVEYA!

Jaded said...

some are mine and some i stole from you

Alice Audrey said...

Your pictures are gorgeous, all of them. I like the one where everyone is goofing off the best, but could easily see sunset as a screen saver.

Bunny Trails said...

The sunset pix are beautiful! Really, they're all great. Looks like a very fun weekend. I wish I had a pool in my back yard. I'd go relax there right now.

MSM said...

LOVE your family photo!

CrossView said...

Wow! Such great shots! =D

Especially the fireworks... those are hard to get!

Glad your friend is ok and it looks like your backup plans turned out just great...
Everyone looks like they're having a blast!