Monday, July 14, 2008


Saturday we went to a model train convention. Only, all they had was 2 tracks set up. We were only there for about 10 minutes.

Then we went to the races in Irwindale. The guy who owns our taco night restaurant races in the Figure 8 races there. This is him qualifying:


Then they had kids racing these tiny cars:

These are the Super Stocks:


Then the sun went down. BIG MISTAKE.


KT and I had gone down to the bathrooms. There were people milling about looking up in the sky. There was a whole bunch of lightening off in the distance. We stood there for awhile, me trying to get pictures (I'm not quick enough). KT says, "Mom what if it starts raining?" Me: "It won't rain, that's pretty far away." Two minutes later....KT: "Mom it's raining, look" (pointing at the spots on the ground). Me: "It's nothing, it'll stop right away". Two seconds later the heavens opened:

We ran for cover under the grandstands. People started pouring down the steps to take cover also. T and AC were still way up at the top. They had no idea there was lightning as it was behind them. After about 5 minutes of non-stop downpour I called T and told him I think they were gonna call the races because everyone was leaving. He and AC finally came down and we walked to the car. We were completely drenched. In the car on the way out, we saw lightning hit almost on top of the grandstand where we had been sitting and we heard a loud 'CRACK'. Now, here in So Cal our thunder usually only "rumbles" because it's never really close to us. When we here a 'CRACK' it scares the crap out of us. The kids and I were basket cases the whole way home (T drove because I couldn't see in the rain and glare). He teased us relentlessly. He lived in TX for a bit so a little thunder means nothing to him.

We got home safe and sound with no thunderstorms in our town.

Yesterday, we did a whole lotta nothing!!!


Jaded said...

i can't tell what that last picture is

Di said...

Jadey, it's from under the grandstand looking up into the pouring rain.

Jaded said...

ooohhhh, i get it now

Alice Audrey said...

I don't blame you for being shaken by the lightning. That was close!

The picture of rain took me forever to figure out, but I did it before I read your comment.

Jen said...

I like the picture with truck and taking that little car lol
I could figure that last picture out and then I was like wait is that the rain lol then figured it out

Nicole said...

We got stuck in a bad storm on sunday. We had to pull off of the highway and sit it out. There was hail the size of my fist! And it was so loud we couldn't even hear eachother talk. Then our car started to shake back and forth... we thought a tornado was coming right for us since there are a lot of deadly tornadoes that like the area we were in. We were both terrified and thought all our windows were going to shatter. Luckily it stopped and we got home safely. Now we just have a dinged up car :P

I love your pictures! Especially the small cars lol!