Monday, July 28, 2008


We had a few things going on this weekend.
On Saturday, AC had his first football tournament, they called it a "passing league". They didn't really play a real game, it was mainly doing plays against another team and you got points for doing certain things. They came in 3rd out of about 10 schools. He loved it!!

That evening we took T out to dinner for his bday. It was kind of a surprise in that he didn't know where we were going (he thought he had it figured out but he was WRONG) and he didn't know that our friends would be joining us. We went to Wingnuts. It is our latest favorite restaurant. After dinner a few of us went back to T's house to watch some old UFC fights.



Kelly - PTT said...

I love soccer photos - fun! We've had plenty of turf-time watching my son too.

CrossView said...

Congrats on 3rd! =D

Looks like a fun celebration!
Happy Birthday T!

And you two are quite the cute couple!!!!!!

Nicole said...

I love the photo of you 2 together! Diane, your hair looks amazing! I love it!

Di said...

Kelly, actually it was High School football not soccer. They're not wearing any protection because it was a thing that was no contact.

Thanks crossview and nicole!! I just got my hair done on Fri night.