Wednesday, October 1, 2008


When we were at the walkathon on Saturday, we noticed these HUGE birds in the trees. There were LOTS of them. Some guy said they were turkey vultures. They did look like vultures. They looked like the vultures in The Jungle Book (minus the Beatles hair):



Nicole said...

Wow! Those are some crazy, huge birds! I would love to see them in person.

Alice Audrey said...

Wow, that's a lot of big birds all in one place. Vultures? Kind of makes you want to look over your shoulder, doesn't it.

Jen said...

Yeah I have seen some vultures and Hawks and other birds of that nature that are HUGE! I really am amazed how big they are... one time I was driving down my road and there was road kill and there was one them at it and when I came around the corner it was right at it and its wing span covered the front window of my car... or really bigger then that lol

CrossView said...

They look like the vultures we have around here. But that many looks.... yuck! I guess they were waiting for, uh, dinner?