Monday, February 2, 2009


1. When was the last time you vacuumed out your car? How often do you wash your car? Do you wash it, or do you run it through a car wash service? How much money do you generally spend to wash your car?
Me, personally, I haven't vacuumed my car ever. The carwash did it about 3 weeks ago. Sometimes I get my car washed every few weeks, sometimes (I'm ashamed to say) it could be months in between washes. I usually spend $15-20.

2. What kind of car do you drive? What color is it? Do you like your car? How long have you had it? Is it reliable? Would you recommend it to a friend? If money were no object, what car would you buy for your family? Now, which car would you buy for yourself? Do you have an opinion about people who drive expensive cars? (Jealous? Disgusted? Curious?)
I drive a 2007 Nissan Quest mini-van. It's dark brown and I LOVE MY CAR!!! It is very reliable, very safe, just the most awesome car I've ever had. If I had the money I would buy exactly the same car, only I would buy the upgraded model (mine is practically stock). My opinion about people who drive expensive cars would depend on the person's attitude toward it. If they thought they were all high and mighty because of it I probably wouldn't like them very much. But it would have nothing to do with the car they drive.

3. What’s the biggest thing on your mind right this moment? Why is this issue so important to you at this time?
The biggest thing on my mind right now would be that KT has been throwing up all night. We think she might have overindulged in chips yesterday. The 2nd biggest thing on my mind right now is buying a house. Well, actually, it's selling T's house, since we have to do that before we buy a house.

4. Have you ever cried when hearing about the death of a celebrity? If so, who? And if so, why? Who was the last celebrity you remember feeling sorry for? Why? Pick one celebrity you would miss if he/she were to die. Why this person?
I've cried quite a few time when I hear of celebrities deaths. When I was in my early teens, tv stars and movie stars were like my family to me. In the past few years, I remember crying when Howard Keel died and when Jerry Dunphy (our local newscaster for years) died. I feel sorry for Britney Spears mostly. I wish people would just leave her alone. Hmmmmm, I'm not sure who I would miss.


Dawn said...

I need to find a car wash that will vacuum my car, because I absolutely hate to do that.

I feel bad for Britney too. I would love to just sit down with her and give her a big ol' mommy hug and talk. She needs some guidance and kindness.

CrossView said...

This was interesting! =D

I'm with you on the expensive car folk. Nice is nice and if they are; I'm happy for any good stuff they enjoy. A jerk is a jerk and I don't care whether they drive a jalopy or whatever....

And I rarely wash my car- soon as we drive down our red dirt lane it's dirty. =/

Vacuuming is a nice chore for kids when they get in trouble... LOL!

Hoping KT is fine??!!

I cried when Larry Burkett died. I wonder if that counts?