Thursday, August 21, 2008


13 Reasons I couldn't think of a better Thursday Thirteen

1. I had to take my boy to Urgent Care (we thought he broke his thumb, but it was only sprained.
2. I have to take my girl to her Jr High registration
3. I had a headache again (don't worry Mom, it's just allergies)
4. I actually did my work first before playing on the computer
5. I was busy sorting my recipes
6. I was busy doing my budget
7. I was working on my Project 365
8. I finished a book
9. I started another book
10. I've done more laundry this week than usual
11. I did my menu for a month
12. My brain is in a fog and I couldn't really think of 13 things
13. I'm just being lazy


Patsy said...

Mine is even more lame. Isn't this how we really get to know one another though --- when we are out of things to say and just talk anyway. I love it.

Jaded said...

what happened with AC?

Dawn said...

I am so impressed that you planned your meals for a month. That rocks! Glad your son's thumb was only sprained. Hope that headache is gone. :-)

ashpags said...

LOL, I think that's a great TT! I hope your son's thumb feels better soon, and good luck to your daughter in Junior High. It can be a crummy experience, but she'll make it through! =)

Meg said...

Geez, I've only planned my meals for two weeks and now I feel like an underachiever! You are always so well organized! I'm glad that AC is really sucking up the injury and playing. It's obvious that he LOVES football.

Jen said...

I dont think its possible to plan a month of meals for my never know whats going to happen lol

Yasmin said...

Happy TT and nice to meet you I wish I would have done #4 before getting on the

Nicole said...

Yikes! What happened to your son? I am glad his thumb isn't broken, but it must hurt like a bugger still.

Di said...

AC is a linebacker and kinda got his hand caught in the quarterback's facemask. It's fine now. He even practiced today.

I'm very anal, that's why I can do a month of menus at a time!

Jaded said...

i vouch for her, she is extremely anal!

CrossView said...

I don't know why, but your list just amused me! =D

And then Jaded's comment added to the amusement.... =P

Alice Audrey said...

Hey, some days it's harder to come up with something to say. Happens to all of up.