Monday, August 18, 2008


(I stole this idea from Dawn's blog. Thanks Dawn!!)

Weather: It was actually a very nice week. Highs right around 100, lows in the upper 60's.
Kinda humid, but not too bad.
Sunday sermon: We didn't go to church, but Pastor Greg's message at the Harvest Crusade was
all about heaven and hell.
Life lessons: I will not wear regular flip flops when I'm going to be on my feet for awhile no
matter how good my feet have been feeling lately. I did this while grocery shopping
yesterday and I could barely walk by the end of the day.
Next time I have a headache for 4 days straight, I will not take every pain reliever
known to man to try and get rid of it. I'll take a benadryl (even though I'll be in
la-la land for the next 12 hours) becuase it is most likely my sinuses even if
it doesn't feel like it.
Favorite meal(s): Has to be the Grilled Herb Garlic Chicken from last night (recipe on my recipe
blog). AC didn't even use ketchup or bbq sauce!!
Treasured moments: The silliness between the kids and their friends and I on the way home
from the Crusade because we were all getting tired.
Being able to pray for people during the altar call at the Crusade.
Seeing AC in his football gear for the first time and sharing his excitement.
AC cooking dinner because I couldn't.
KT calling me, crying that she missed me.
Talked with: My next eldest sister when she picked up KT.
Things I read: Life Management for Busy Women by Elizabeth George
Things we watched: Once again, no time for movies. My Netflix is going to waste!!
Places we went: AC and I went to his High School to get his schedule and books.
Saturday the kids and a friend each, and I went to the Harvest Crusade at
Angel Stadium.
Budget savers/busters: Buster $5.25 lemonade at Angel Stadium!! Insane!!!
Saver: a nice read and white (it matches my house!) 4'x6' area rug for my porch,
1/2 price at Lowes (only $15!!)
Blessings: Had a potential major plumbing problem Saturday morning. Thankfully it was the
Park's problem not mine and they took care of it.
That we didn't get into an accident on the way to the Crusade when a flammable
liquid truck cut in front of me doing only 45mph!!
My headache is finally gone!!!
Challenges: Getting rid of my headache.
Trusting God to take care of the plumbing problem, and not freaking out.
Accomplishments: Actually making it to a Crusade after 3 years of trying.
Finishing everyithing I had wanted to get done last week even with a
4-day headache.
Family happenings: KT spent a few days with Aunt p.
AC started hell week and didn't get hurt and still loves it!!!!!!
Both kids attacked their rooms yesterday and made major strides.



Pastor Greg Laurie

The response to his message:



CrossView said...

Ohmygoodness! I LOVE the music line-up!

Sounds like a busy but satisfying week...
Hope the headache issue has been taken care of. I'm wired weird. Benadryl makes me hyper.

$5.25 for a lemonade??!! Was it a gallon? =P

Debbie Haughland Chan said...

What a cool idea to have a weekly wrap-up!

Thought I'd let you know that my blog address has changed to You may want to change the link you have on your blog list in the sidebar.

Jaded said...

wheres the pictures of AC in his gear???

Di said... wasn't just POD and Kutless, we also saw Lincoln Brewster and Leeland.

Thanks, Debbie!!!! I had lost it somewhere!!

Jadey, I didn't get a picture yet. I had an extreme headache and was in a benadryl fog when he got home.

Jen said...

Nice music line-up :)
So Im guessing they were all sinus headaches? hope they are staying gone now.