Monday, August 25, 2008


WEATHER: really nice, around 95. Until was 109.
SUNDAY SERMON: didn't make it to church but my memory verse was Psalm 55:22...."Give your burdens to the Lord and He will take care of you. He will not allow the godly to slip and fall.
LIFE LESSONS: pray, pray, pray.
TREASURED MOMENTS: KT's first day of Jr High! Seeing AC really suck up the pain (no more crybaby!!); when we went to Dairy Queen and I was licking my ice cream, AC saying to me, "Ewww, mom! You just made out with that ice cream!"
TALKED WITH: my mom, Stacy
THINGS I READ: finished Life Management for Busy Women; started Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life by Donald S. Whitney
WHAT WE WATCHED: "21"; it was ok. Made me really want to go to Vegas!
PLACES WE WENT: Urgent Care; Kt's Jr High registration; Taco Nite; Angel's game
BUDGET SAVERS/BUSTERS: Busters: $30 AC Urgent Care; $10 Katy p.e. clothes; $28 AC armpads and chin pad. Savers: coupon for FREE smoothie from Jack in the Box
BLESSINGS: no broken bones! good insurance! T feeling better!
CHALLENGES: T really sick on Fri and Sat, had to go to the game just me and the kids, got kinda sorta lost on the way home (I knew where I was and where I needed to be, I just couldn't put the two together).
ACCOMPLISHMENTS: I figured it out and got us home! Lost 2 lbs!
FAMILY HAPPENINGS: We thought AC broke his thumb in practice on Tues. He got it tangled up in the quarterback's face mask. Thankfully it was just a bad sprain.
KT spent the night at a friend's house on Tues and went to the community pool.
AC, KT, and I went to the Angel's game on Sat night. The Angel's beat the Minnesota Twins 7-5. It was a really good game. We tried to hangout on the walkway for awhile after so we could watch the fireworks from Disneyland, but the kicked us out.

AC's brace (which he wore for a total of 1 day):

AC in his gear (is this what you wanted Jade?)


Angel Stadium


A double with bases loaded!!


Crossing home!!

MN is having trouble on the mound


7th inning stretch


WE WIN!!!! (Sorry Mom)


Jaded said...

thats exactly what i wanted! thank you!

Meg said...

Man AC looks so grown up! I'm glad T is feeling better. LOVEYA!

CrossView said...

"I knew where I was and where I needed to be, I just couldn't put the two together"
ROFL! That sounds soooo familiar!
Loved it!